Aubrey Higgin is a British artist whose paintings capture movement and energy using vivid colours to portray positivity and vitality. He is interested in the impact that art can have on well being through shapes and colour. He works in a heavy impasto style using oils in a contemporary way, but in keeping with the archival methods of past masters. His paintings have been exhibited in places such as The Dorchester Hotel, London, and sold all over the World, in places such as Geneva, Santa Monica, Gothenburg, Dubai and Rome. He has recently had work collected by a Californian Billionaire who works in the film Industry. The works capture energy by his use of movement and texture that he applies. This texture and the way he layers and removes paint through scraping and scratching and building up the surface gives the paintings a rich quality that allows the viewer to continuously see new things. The theme of the unknown was inspired by his battle with an undiagnosed illness for two years. He captures a relaxing sublime tranquility within the chaos that represents what nature is. He breaks up the fine details with positive expressive strokes, yet finding a calming influence to the work that evokes peacefulness. This calming and vibrant influence is very important in his work. His use of vivid colours help to portray positivity and vitality. Recently working with charities such as James’s Place that was opened by The Duke of Cambridge and founded Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley in 2018. The Charity helps to raise awareness of anxiety, depression and suicide amongst young people and to tackle the terrible and shocking statistic that suicide is the leading cause of death amongst young men in the UK. 

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